Emmanuel Doron arrested and fined after assaulting the sentence


Pensacola, fl

American football player Emmanuel Doron has been arrested for assaulting a head-off referee during a school match in Edinburgh, Texas.

The 18-year-old was charged with first-degree assault during a trial in Edinburgh court and the court ordered him to pay $ 10,000 in compensation for health damages.

The incident occurred during a football match between the Edinburgh High School team and PSJA in which the referee, Doron, was sent off, before the latter returned to the field dissatisfied with the decision.

The player attacked referee Fred Gracia, 59, with a powerful blow that knocked him to the ground as the referee lay down for several minutes before gaining the strength to stand and walk away.

The referee received medical care after an ambulance arrived at the site and the injury he suffered as a result of the concussion and shoulder injury was assessed.


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