6 killed in a shooting series in Santa Monica


Pensacola, fl

Six people are killed in a series of shootings around a college in Santa Monica, California.

The series of attacks began in a home and ended on the college campus.

Police say they killed the gunman, who shot, after they found him in the college library.

Police confirmed that the gunman killed two people at home, then killed two others on his way to Santa Monica College, and killed two additional people on the campus.

He described the militant as in his late twenties, wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with an assault rifle.

The college is a few kilometers away from a charity fundraising event attended by US President Barack Obama, and there is no suggestion that there is a connection between what happened and the ceremony.

These successive incidents of violence had started before noon when the gunman, who wore black clothes and carried a belt of ammunition, opened bullets at a house, witnesses said.

The fire destroyed the house, but it is not clear how the fire started.

The Associated Press news agency quoted a neighbor as saying that she witnessed the shooting from the balcony of her home.

She said that after the shooting, the gunman got off to the corner of the street and aimed his rifle at a female driver and asked her to stop, then he pointed to another car also being driven by a woman to slow its movement and then fired several shots at the car.

The witness said she rushed to help the victim and saw a shoulder injury.

“He fired three to four bullets inside the car, exactly at her driver,” she added.

Authorities say the violence then moved to the corner of the street near Santa Monica College, where the gunman shot at passing cars before entering the college campus.

Police chief Jacqueline Seabrooks said the gunman entered the college library and shot the attendees, but none was injured.

“The officers came and clashed directly with the suspect, and he shot him, and he was killed on the spot,” she added.

A student named James Gillespie, 20, said he saw a car with bullet holes, shattered glass and a child seat in the back.

Police also arrested a second man, who wore black clothes, and had written the phrase “Life is a gamble” on the back of his jacket.

“We are not 100% convinced that the murder suspect committed these acts alone,” said Seabrooks.

The Secret Security Service, which is protecting the US president, said they were aware of the incident, but it would not affect the plans of President Obama, who was about to deliver a speech at a fundraising party for the Democratic National Committee.

Santa Monica College offers a two-year program of study and has about 34,000 students.


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