5, including a child, killed in Georgia


Pensacola, fl

5 people were killed and 2 injured in a house shooting in Douglas County, Georgia.

 “Two Action News” channel quoted investigators in the southern state of the news of the death of 5 people as a result of being shot in a house and on the street.

And the police in Douglas County, Georgia, announced that they had received a report stating that there had been bullets fired in the city of Douglasville, where it was found that 5 people were killed in the attack and 2 wounded.

Local reports indicated that a child was among the victims, while the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that county officials had not confirmed the number of deaths.

It is noteworthy that several organizations are calling for the imposition of legislation limiting the spread of weapons in the United States due to the increase in violence, but these calls collide with strong opposition.


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