12 killed in a shooting accident


Pensacola, fl

12 were killed in a shooting incident in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

We also have 4 new injured people receiving treatment in hospital. We also have information that a number of injured people arrive at the hospital by themselves,” said local police chief Jim Cervera.

He reported that 4 policemen exchanged fire with the suspect in the administrative building.

He added, “I can say that we witnessed a long exchange of fire between the four policemen and the suspect, and found a 45 caliber pistol and many ammunition .

He pointed out that one of the policemen was shot in the protective shield.

When the suspect stopped shooting at the police officers due to his severe injury, the police officers began to provide him with medical assistance, but he was killed.

Cervera did not mention the personality of the attacker and the reasons for his actions, only confirming that he was working in this particular building.

Police said that the attacker was identified as Dewin Creddock, 40, and that the reasons for his resorting to open fire were due to his desire for revenge, without providing any other details.

Local sources later reported that the attacker had been working for a long time in the municipality building and bought the weapon legally.

It indicated that the man first shot a person sitting inside his car near the municipality building, then entered the building and began shooting indiscriminately at the people inside.


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