One killed, 11 wounded in gunfire in Minneapolis


Pensacola, fl

Minneapolis police announced that a man was killed and 11 others were wounded by gunshots in an accident on Hennepolis Road, and said the 11 had no life-threatening injuries.

The police said on their official Twitter account that several people shot in District 2900 and demanded that the residents stay away from this area.

According to the French Press Agency (AFP), the photos that were broadcast live on Facebook showed at least one person lying on the sidewalk while dozens gathered around him, some of them screaming for medical help.

Other footage appeared to show broken windows and police cars at the scene.

Minneapolis police wrote on Twitter, “12 people were shot and wounded. An adult man died and 11 had no life-threatening injuries.”

They did not specify the age of the man who died or say whether anyone had been arrested.

Minneapolis has been the epicenter of anti-racism and police brutality protests that have spread across the United States since the death of George Floyd, a black man, while being chained by a white officer.


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