Nor’easter development to launch the first storm of the season in New England


Pensacola, Fl

We are less than three weeks away from the official start of winter, but Mother Nature apparently didn’t get the note. Less than a week after a storm hit parts of the Ohio Valley and the Great Lakes with heavy snowfall, meteorologists are warning of a storm that will extend hundreds of miles to the east and is likely to cause heavy snowfall and strong winds.

Not only is it likely to become the first snowstorm of the season, but it could evolve into the first snowstorm of the season across part of New England this weekend.

The storm that brought heavy snow to parts of the Southern Plains in the middle of the week will reopen along the East Coast and take a course off the coast of the Northeast United States from late Friday to Saturday night, putting central and northern New England on a path of heavier snow.

The storm’s path offshore would allow the storm to undergo a major strengthening, which would increase the severity of the impact across New England. The same projected scenario would allow the Mid-Atlantic and Central Appalachians to avoid many, but not all, of the effects of the storm.

As the storm begins to intensify, downpours and thunderstorms are expected to first head across the southeast and break out in part of the Mid-Atlantic until Friday evening. Then rain and thunderstorms will likely fall across the Interstate 95 corridor in the mid-Atlantic and southeast New England from Friday night to Saturday.

“There is a possibility of severe thunderstorms and thunderstorms and the possibility of severe storms locally that could produce isolated hurricanes, especially in Florida until Friday evening and then the eastern part of North Carolina during Friday night,” said meteorologist Joe Curtis. .

The rains are expected to be heavy enough to cause local flooding in urban areas from central Virginia to southeastern Massachusetts.

From Saturday to Saturday evening, the storm will quickly intensify, taking advantage of the cold air and humidity of the Atlantic Ocean with New England on target.

Boston will be on the edge of heavy snow with an expectation of 1-3 inches in the heart of the downtown area where some rain will fall for some time, but snow is expected to start 3 to 6 inches around Route 128 with John Ferric, chief meteorologist at AccuWeather. The accumulations are moving up to the north and west.

Ferric added that a slight shift in the storm’s course could cause the heavy snow to shift to the downtown Boston area or perhaps further to the west in Massachusetts.

From central southern New Hampshire to northern Maine, as well as parts of New Brunswick and the eastern towns of Quebec, an all-out snowstorm is expected with the worst conditions from late Saturday to Saturday night.

Meteorologists expect that a combination of heavy snow and winds that repeat at 40-60 mph will lead not only to heavy snow flurries and drift, but also in bleaching conditions. Traveling will be dangerous and impossible for some time with 12-18 inches of snow in store.


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