New York woman survived the 1918 flu and cancer to defeat Corona twice


It seems we can consider American Angelina Friedman a survivor in every sense of the word. As a child, she lived through the 1918 flu outbreak and survived during her life stages from cancer, internal bleeding and sepsis. Last April, she survived the Coronavirus – a virus that killed nearly 1.5 million people worldwide.

Now, the 102-year-old woman who lives in New York has eradicated the virus again. She survived a second coronavirus diagnosis, according to her daughter Joan Mirola.

“My mother’s test results came back negative,” Merola said.

Friedman, who lives in a nursing home, was diagnosed with Corona for the first time in March after she was in the hospital for a minor medical operation, director Amy Elba told CNN earlier this year. When she came back, Elba said, she tested positive.

At that time, she spent a week in the hospital before returning to self-isolate in her room. With a high fever for several weeks, Friedman’s test result finally came back negative on April 20, Merola said.

Merola got a call from the nursing home, where her mother lies: “to tell me that she has contracted the virus again.”

“She had symptoms of a fever and a dry cough,” Merola said. “They thought she might have the flu.”

With the increasing outbreak of disease among employees, Merola explained, the elderly are isolated from the rest of the individuals in the care home. She received daily updates on her mother, until November 17 when she received the news that Friedman was finally free of the virus.

A second test confirmed the negative results, and Friedman was moved from isolation to her regular room. And while she has lost most of her hearing and poor eyesight, she is still celebrating life.

Certainly, Friedman’s enthusiasm did not come without any difficulties. In 1918, Angelina Cialis (Friedman) was born on a ship that was transporting immigrants from Italy to New York City. It was in the midst of the 1918 pandemic, and it is not believed that she contracted the disease at the time.

Her mother died in childbirth, and her two sisters helped her to survive until they were able to reunite with their father in New York, where they lived in Brooklyn, Merola said.

Merola’s mother’s father suffered from cancer at the same time, but her father passed away.

Friedman is the last of 11 children to survive. Nevertheless, it continues to be a source of joy and entertainment for those around. And she threw a big party on her 101st birthday.

Merola said that she is not the oldest person to survive Corona, but she may be the oldest person to have survived the virus twice


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