Florida pilot wrestles sharks for 15 hours after his plane fell


Pensacola, fl

A pilot who lives in Florida flew to the Bahamas on a private jet for vacation

Pilot Walter White told how, after his plane crashed off the coast of the Bahamas, he fought bloodthirsty sharks with his bare hands for 15 hours.

The story takes place when a pilot living in Florida flew to the Bahamas on a private jet for a vacation. At the time, the pilot was 37 years old, and he had two young children who lived with his mother in Tennessee.

The plane crash occurred while the pilot was returning from vacation. He remembers that there were problems with the fuel tank, as a result of which the plane silently fell into the water. According to him, he spent all night in the icy salt water, his eyes were swollen and he was very tired.

The pilot got onto the wing of an aircraft after it went down and wanted to attract the attention of the Coast Guard. Later, the plane began to sink, and the man was forced to paddle in the cold water all night.

I received military training, so I knew that the chances of finding me were high in the early hours, but after that your chances of salvation decreased greatly.”

In the morning, a new danger appeared – the pilot saw many shark fins. The bull sharks, which are among the most aggressive predators on the planet, tried to attack the man. White started kicking them in the head as they approached. Among the predators attacked by the huge mako shark, which is considered the fastest of all.

I was frustrated,” recalled the pilot, “telling you – it was as if the Devil was looking into my eyes.”

The Coast Guard, who found White, noticed the outlines of a huge mako shark next to him.

Pilot Walter White was so tired and exhausted that he did not immediately notice that a signal missile had been launched from the plane. He was rescued after 15 hours in the water. The sailors dragged the lucky pilot onto the boat and took him to Key West, to the local hospital.


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