A Texas police officer “accidentally” kills a woman after rescuing her


Pensacola, fl

A woman was killed after a Texas police officer mistook her for shooting a dog, thinking it was attacking him in the Arlington area.

The accident occurred after residents of the area called the police to report an unconscious woman on the lawn beside a road. When police officer Will Johnson arrived at the scene to help the woman, Margaret, he was surprised by a dog at the scene.

The newspaper added, “The officer, after awakening the woman and helping her, was surprised by the dog running towards him, which caused a state of terror for him, so the officer only took his pistol and shot him, so he mistook him to hit the woman in the chest, and he died in the hospital after her.”

Texas Police opened an investigation into the accident, and to study the video, which was documented by a camera attached to Officer Johnson’s suit.


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