A mother and her son are among five killed in a small plane crash in mysterious circumstances in a California parking lot


Pensacola, Fl

People confirmed that five people on board a small plane, including the pilot, were killed when the plane mysteriously collided with a parking lot in California Staples.

Pilot, Scott Shepherd, 53, sent a distress signal – declaring a state of emergency – to John Wayne Airport in Orange County before the first twin-engine Cessna crashed into the parking lot around 12:30 PM. Local time, county. Tony Pomarito of the Orange County Fire Department, tell People. Medics found all four passengers and the pilot dead on the plane.

“It looks like the plane almost went straight to the ground. One car was destroyed. But the owner of that car was in the store shopping at the time,” Pomarito says. “Overall, it would have been worse. It wasn’t as much damage to the ground other than the actual plane crash.”

The victims, along with Shepherd, were identified as: Nassim Ghandan, 29; Lara Shepherd, 42 years old; Floria Hakimi, 62 and Naveed Hakimi, 32 years old. Lara, Floria and Gendan worked as real estate agents at Pacific Union in San Francisco, according to the agency’s website. Florya was Navid’s mother. Authorities have not confirmed if Lara and Scott Shepherd were involved.

Witnesses said there was no explosion when the plane suddenly crashed into the ground.

“We looked up to see the plane fall from the front of its nose first,” Ella Pham, 20, told the port. “We didn’t really think it was a plane at first because there was no crashing noise, but once we saw people running from the other side of the street, we went to check it out … It was so sad to see the plane collapse.”

A video clip circulated on social media showed the plane quickly descending on the ground, and pictures from the scene showed the remains of the plane collapsing in the parking lot.

“A lot of people tried to help until they saw that it was difficult to get into the plane, but by the time people left, the firefighters and police were there,” Pham told The Times.

The cause of the accident is unknown, and the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the accident.

The plane was owned by Category III Aviation Corp, a San Francisco-based real estate consultancy, according to KCBS. She was reportedly flying from Concord.

Pacific Union officials mentioned Lara, Gendan and Floria in a statement.

According to the statement, “we are shocked and deeply saddened by the news of this tragedy.” “The entire Pacific Union family is mourning the loss of our colleagues, family and friends. We suffered a tragic loss in Danville.”


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