A man killed in a house fire in Norton, Ohio


Pensacola, Fl

A state fire official is investigating the cause of a fatal home fire in Norton, Ohio

Firefighters struggled with a house fire in Norton for more than two hours early.

The fire broke out in a two-story house on Easton Road. And Wooddale Dr. Around 1:30 AM.

There are no fire hydrants in the neighborhood, so tankers from nearby communities have been called in to help.

The Summit County Medical Examination Office says a 69-year-old man was killed in the fire.

Firefighters found him on the second floor of the house.

He was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after 5 am.

It was not recognized.

At the scene of the accident, he saw other residents, who were taken to hospital in ambulances.

Not a word about their condition.


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