6 shot on a bus in California,


Pensacola, fl

6 people on board a bus in California were shot at while a suspect was detained, according to media.

And CNN reported, quoting the police, that “6 people on board a bus were shot at in Grapevin, California,” explaining that “a suspect is in detention and his motives are not yet clear.”

Media sources reported that “the authorities did not mention whether there were any victims or serious injuries as a result of the accident.”

The California police said that passengers were shot on board a bus heading from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and police spokesman Steve Loftus indicated that all the six victims who were shot were taken to hospitals to receive the necessary treatment, indicating that the details about their conditions Not available until now.

Loftus said the shooting took place shortly before 1:30 in the Grapevine area, on Highway 5 near Fort Tigon Road.


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