6 Killed in jersey city shootout


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Downtown Jersey, adjacent to New York, turned into a battlefield when gunfire broke out between the police and two men, killing six people, including a policeman and the attackers, and wounding others, and it was not clear why the fighting broke out, but the police announced that it began during an investigation into a murder

She said that an explosives disposal unit is in the process of searching a stolen rented truck “which may contain incendiary materials.”

More than two hours of shooting occurred Tuesday in downtown Jersey, near New York, killing six people, according to the authorities.

The Chief of Police, “Jersey City” with a population of 270 thousand people, said that the exchange of fire that began in a cemetery of the city resulted in the death of six people, including a policeman and the gunmen who shot him and three civilians.

He added, during a joint press conference with the mayor of the city, that the shooting also resulted in the wounding of two other policemen

He pointed out that this information is still “preliminary” and that the investigation will take time. Kelly explained that the shooting started in the cemetery, but the gunmen quickly “moved quickly to the neighborhood, where the shooting continued” for more than two hours.

It was not immediately clear why the battle sparked that turned a residential area in the heart of Jersey City into a real war theater for hours, as hundreds of heavily armed police officers from New Jersey and New York were supported by dozens of military vehicles and ambulances.

According to local media reports, which were not confirmed by official sources, the armed confrontation began when a policeman investigating a murder, named Joe Sales, went to the cemetery, as he tried to approach the two suspects who had shot him and killed him immediately.

The two gunmen quickly fled to a nearby grocery store, and an exchange of fire continued between them and the police. After several hours, the bodies of the gunmen and the bodies of three civilians who had been killed in the shooting were found inside the store, according to the police chief.

The police chief did not give any details about the three civilian deaths, indicating that an explosives disposal unit is searching for a stolen rented truck, “which may contain incendiary materials.”

Hundreds of bullets were exchanged between the police and the gunmen over a period of more than two hours

The security forces imposed a security cordon around schools and hospitals near the scene of the shooting immediately after the accident, in accordance with the procedures followed in the United States in cases of shooting. Parents were not allowed to enter schools to take their children home until after five in the afternoon


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