The death of two children, the father punished them by imprisonment in the car, Oklahoma


Pensacola, fl

A man is facing second-degree murder charges while he was detained in a police station after his two children died in his car after he punished them and slept at home.

Details of the accident trace back to Dustin Lee Dennis, the father of two children aged four and three, punishing his two children after returning from a children’s store.

He left them locked in the car for five hours by the time he went home to fall into a deep sleep.

He woke up later and started searching for his two children, and he found them in his car after they died, and the doctors did not determine the cause of death when they found the two children.

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said the two children were not watched for about five hours while they were in the car, “and a second-degree murder charge was brought against the father who is currently detained.”

Local meteorologists reported that on that day, the city’s air temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius.


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