The autopsy of the first death in Corona in US reveals a “strange reason” for the death of the victim


Pensacola, fl

Autopsies revealed the remains of the first known death from
“Covid 19” in the United
States that the death resulted from a
rupture of the heart caused by the virus attack, according to news reports.

A 57-year-old woman, Patricia Daoud, from San Jose, California,
died at her home on February 6, after suffering from flu-like symptoms,
according to Mercury News. Recently, her death investigation found that she was
already infected with the new Corona
virus, which means that the American “Covid 19” deaths occurred weeks
earlier than it was believed.

At first they expected David’s death to be the result of a
heart attack. But now, the autopsy report showed that the virus had spread to
the heart muscle, and that the viral infection had caused a valve in her heart
to rupture, Mercury News reported.

“The immune system attacked the virus, and in the
process, it damaged the heart, which led to it exploding,” said Dr. Judy
Melnik, a forensic pathologist who was not involved in the case study.

Melnik added that this type of heart rupture occurs more
commonly in people with high cholesterol levels or heart muscle abnormalities.
But David’s condition was very unusual because her heart was of normal size and
weight, she said.

And in her interview with The San Francisco Chronicle, she said,
“There is something abnormal in the fact that a perfectly normal heart has
burst. Healthy hearts do not tear.”

Daoud was reported to be in good health and exercised
regularly before her illness.

Previous scientific studies reported that there is a
relationship between “Covid 19” and the heart, as a small study in China found that more than 1 in 5 Corona patients had
suffered heart damage as a result of infection.



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