Iranian Angelina Jolie was infected with Corona in Iran’s prisons


Pensacola, fl

Among the hundreds that are announced daily in Iran, the likeness of a Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie, a young Iranian woman, Fatima Khwishund, nicknamed “Sahar Tiber”, has been infected with the Corona virus.

And according to the Iran International newspaper, Fatima, 21, who is currently in prison in the Iranian capital, Tehran, was transferred to Sina Hospital after her condition deteriorated completely and the virus killed her lungs, as the doctor stressed the need to remain under observation because of the seriousness of her condition.

The security authorities arrested Fatima after she was charged with “promoting violence, spreading pornography and encouraging young people against corruption,” which could carry the death penalty for those convicted.

According to the Iranian Ministry of Health, the Corona virus has infected 76,389 people and killed 4,777 others throughout the country.


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