Three killed by gunfire in Texas


Pensacola, fl

Police in Houston, Texas, announced that three were killed, and a fourth man was seriously injured in a shooting late at night.

The police indicated that this incident occurred a few hours after another incident, which resulted in the death of a police officer with bullets in the head.

The police explained, through a tweet on its Twitter account, that the injured man was taken to hospital, after the night attack that took place at the 2100 complex on Chenivert Street in the city.

She declined to reveal more details, and to respond to the comments that people wrote to inquire and clarify the incident.

 And media outlets said that a person carrying a gun entered the club and opened fire shortly before 10 pm.

The authorities said that there may have been several militants, and that it was not immediately clear if any of them were among the dead.

The city police chief said, “One of the veteran officers in the force, who is 41 years old, answered a call about a disturbance in an apartment in southwestern Houston, and was shot several times, which led to his death, while another officer was taken to hospital, injured in The same incident


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