Teenager kills 5 people from his family in Alabama


Pensacola, fl

Alabama authorities said a teenager called 911 about hearing gunshots and confessed to killing five members of his family.

Officers, who responded to the report, found at home early in the morning an adult and two children killed at the scene. An adult and a minor were admitted to hospital with serious injuries and later died.

A spokesman for the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office told media that the shooting took place in Elkmont.

The police chief’s office added that three of the five died at the shooting site, and two died later in hospital.

The 14-year-old caller was questioned, and he confessed to shooting his five family members at the house,” he wrote on Twitter. “He is now helping investigators to locate the weapon, which is a 9 mm pistol, which he said threw it nearby, and it is not clear where he got the pistol,” he added.


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