A man suffocates his five children and justifies his crime with madness


Pensacola, fl

An American man faces the death penalty for strangling his five children, in the state of Alabama, where the judiciary heard the last words uttered by his eldest daughter, before strangling her, as she said: “Dad, I love you.”

The father of the victims, a computer engineer, Timothy Jones, admitted during his ongoing trial that he killed his five children, whose ages ranged from 1 to 8 years.

After confessing to the crime, the accused recently added that he is not guilty, given that he is “insane” and suffers from “schizophrenia,” as he put it.

The Public Prosecution revealed that the murderous father stuffed the bodies of his children in garbage bags, put him in his car and wandered in it for more than a week between four different US states, without a specific goal for that.

Then the murderous father buried the bodies in a remote forest, but the police arrested him a day later, when, by chance, a road patrol stopped him, and the smell of rotting corpses sparked her attention from inside his car.

The police also indicated that the killer gave several strange answers via the Internet, days before he carried out the crime, including: “My young children betrayed me .. What should I do?”

If the court ruled that Jones was not guilty based on a mental disorder he had, then he would be transferred to a safe unit in a government mental hospital, but if he was found guilty, his trial would resume to determine fair punishment, either life imprisonment or execution.


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