4 people were killed and 11 others wounded in a shooting in Florida


Pensacola, fl

4 people were killed and 11 wounded in a random shooting in Florida, and police said at least four were killed and 11 wounded.

The Jacksonville police chief tweeted on Twitter that “a random shooting occurred at Jacksonville airstrip,” calling on the public to “stay away from the place because it is not safe now.”

And local media reported that the shooting took place in a restaurant that was hosting a video game competition.

A video clip posted on social media showed a competition between a number of players before the sound of gunfire resounded in the venue.

The Jacksonville Landing Center says on its website that it includes a waterfront dining area and one for games and shopping in downtown Jacksonville.

Jacksonville police announced that a suspect was found dead at the scene of the random shooting.

One suspect was found dead at the site of the accident, and it is not known if there is another suspect,” the Jacksonville police chief said, adding, “There are a lot of people stuck in closed places inside the Jacksonville Landing shopping center.


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