Toothpaste kills child


Pensacola, fl

She did not expect that her interest in hygiene could kill her. This is what Dennis Salvat, 11 years old, faced with a tragic reality and story to a large extent.

The girl, passed away, because of her insistence on cleaning her teeth, after eating a meal, and brushing her teeth with toothpaste.

And confronted, the child encountered “the strangest killer in the world,” which is toothpaste.

The little girl did not notice that the toothpaste with which she was washing her teeth contained milk protein.

Sulfate use of this paste caused her to have an allergic reaction to the milk protein, and she died as a result.

The girl had been suffering from a severe allergy since birth against dairy products, which made her family monitor all the products she consumed, but she did not expect that the “killer” would be hidden inside “toothpaste.”

The child’s family pointed the finger at the doctor, who suggested that they use this type of toothpaste, who were not aware that it contained milk protein.

The mother of the child victim said: “After eating food, she went to brush her teeth, then washed them again before bed, but suddenly she was unable to breathe, so she called an ambulance urgently in a desperate attempt to save my daughter’s life, but she was dead.”

She continued by saying, “Her lips were blue, so I grabbed her and put her on the bed, and ran out to call the ambulance. She was screaming, saying: My mother, I cannot breathe, and my tears were flowing from me and I told her: You can breathe, I love you.”

 “I didn’t think to look at the ingredients for toothpaste,” the mother continued to talk about the death of her young daughter, adding, “Contrary to what everyone tells me (when they meet me), I feel that I let her down.”

His child kills a baby in Minnesota

A 10-year-old girl has been arrested for the brutal murder of a six-month-old baby at a kindergarten in Minnesota.

According to the security authorities, the little girl first threw the baby on the ground and when he started crying, she started hitting him with her feet, and jumped on the head.

One of the teachers in the kindergarten called the police and informed them of the course of the crime. According to them, the 6-month-old infant was unconscious and blood flowing from his head, as he was sent to the hospital quickly, but the doctors could not save his life.

When the local authorities conducted an investigation with the rest of the children, it became clear that the child had assaulted the infant. Later, she admits that she hit him and threw him on the ground.

The authorities did not publish the child’s name, but announced that she grew up in the family that had adopted her, the same family that owns the kindergarten in Wheaton.

It is noteworthy that the child entered the courtroom, handcuffed, and was charged with premeditated murder, and the court set a $ 50,000 bail for her to be removed.


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