5 years girl shoots herself in Maine


Pensacola, fl

The autopsy results of the 5-year-old girl who died at her grandfather’s house in Maine revealed that the accident was an accident, as the girl grabbed her father’s pistol and shot her in the head.

The results of the autopsy carried out by the authorities of Maine state on the body of the little girl Ellis Dor from Belfast, who spent Monday.

The police stated that the 45 caliber pistol, owned by the father of the dead child, Todd Dor, was inside the backpack in the bedroom in which the accident occurred.

Todd told the police that he was next to the TV when he heard the gunfire. Police sources said that the child took the pistol from the backpack and was on the bed, when a bullet was fired from the pistol, killing her.

It is noteworthy that the pistol was not in his pocket and it was not secured, and the police did not file any charges against anyone in connection with the accident.


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