35% of US citizens could have contracted Corona by the end of 2020


Pensacola, fl

Former US Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned that nearly a third of Americans by the end of 2020 could have contracted the corona virus.

Gottlieb said that “30 to 35 percent of the residents of North Dakota and South Dakota, the two states with the largest number of cases per person, have been infected with the Coronavirus,” noting that “infection rates may reach 50 percent.”

Gottlieb repeated his warning, made by him and other health experts, and said that travel and gatherings during Thanksgiving would only worsen the epidemic.

And he believed that the multiple Corona virus vaccines that are looming along with the rapid spread of the disease with the end of the year can reduce the severity of the epidemic during the next year, considering that vaccinating only 20 percent of the population will be sufficient to ensure that “the virus does not spread easily.”


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