Corona lowers the birth rate in U.S


Pensacola, fl

A professor at the School of Biological Systems at George Mason University Ancha Paranova revealed that the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in the United States had led to a decrease in the birth rate.

On her YouTube site, Paranova said that she based her assessment of the demographic situation and its relationship with the outbreak of the epidemic on press reports and analyzes, and expressed her surprise that the decline in the birth rate in the country has already begun to appear now.

She emphasized that a decrease in the number of new births was recorded during October and November, compared to the same period last year, noting that the rate of decline was about 15%.

Paranova stated that expectations at the beginning of the epidemic were indicating that quarantine measures, and people remaining in their homes, may represent a factor for the increase in births, “but in fact, there is no such thing, we already clearly see that we have a decrease in the birth rate. , not the opposite”.


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