A policeman kills an Australian in Minneapolis


Pensacola, fl

The American authorities said that a policeman from Minneapolis shot an Australian woman, killing her, at the weekend. The mayor of the city stated that she was “very sad and upset” over the accident and promised to conduct a thorough investigation.

Usually the policemen in Minneapolis have cameras installed in their bodies during the patrols, but the cameras were not working during the incident, according to “Reuters”.

Police said they received a distress call on Saturday night. A senior police official said that while the policemen were dealing with the incident, a policeman shot. A woman died from the shooting.

The Minneapolis police said in a statement that the call was related to a “possible attack”, and that “at some point a policeman fired his weapon, mortally wounding a woman.”

Police did not identify the woman, but media outlets including “The New York Times” said her name was Justin Damond and she was 40 years old.

The “New York Times” quoted Australian media as saying that Damond, who is from Sydney, is engaged to an American and they were planning to marry


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