A drug addict uses his baby as a human shield during his arrest in Philadelphia


Pensacola, fl

A citizen faces imprisonment for wounding his infant with four bullets.

Where the man, who is drug addict, used his 11-month-old child as a human shield in the face of a shooting, when he was trying to buy drugs with fake money in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The child received four bullets, one in the head, one in the neck and two in the buttocks, and is now grappling with death in hospital.

The child’s father, 25-year-old Navas Monroe, said he was trying to defraud a drug dealer with fake money, believing the dealer would not be able to shoot him since he was carrying his child.

Anthony Fauci, Head of the Crime Unit in Philadelphia, indicated that the perpetrator was “trying to use fake money to buy drugs, knowing that this disturbs drug dealers,” adding: “When dealers discover that the money is fake, they act violently.”

Reports indicated that the father did not take his child to the hospital immediately, because the condition of the child Yazim deteriorated, and the doctors assure that if he survived, he would live in limbo.

It is noteworthy that the police forces managed to arrest the merchant who shot the child, called Francisco Ortiz, aged 29 years.


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