A child is killed by a tree falling on a house in West Point


Pensacola, Fl

The storm caused a tree to collapse on a house in West Point, killing a seven-month-old baby sleeping on a bed.

“A strong wind came and knocked the tree to the ground,” said the girl’s grandmother, Katrina Slaughter. “When it fell on the house, everything fell above us and we fell to the ground.”

Friends said that no one could reach the baby, Keren Davis, who was resting in his grandmother’s bed. No one else managed to escape from the house.

Police responded to the scene of the accident and eventually found the child dead.

“It doesn’t hold up. It takes it really hard,” said Slaughter. She also said that the baby has a special relationship with his twin brother Kyle.

“He was a nice child,” she said. “He was a happy child.”

The family never plans to go home. “We will not be able to bury the loss of my grandson,” she said.


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