23 casualties in Nova Scotia, Canada shooting


Pensacola, fl

The Federal Police said the number of victims, the worst mass shooting in Canadian history, rose to 23 from 19 previously reported.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said it expects the death toll to rise while investigating 16 crime scenes that were part of the homicide wave, many of which included burned homes; According to “Reuters”.

The gunman, who at one point disguised himself as a Royal Canadian Police officer and hid his car in the form of a police cruiser, broke the peace of rural communities in Nova Scotia during the 13-hour violence that began late on Saturday and was revealed by the authorities. The police shot him.

And local police reported, earlier, that the attack was carried out by citizen, Gabriel Wortman, 51, who was arrested and transferred to a detention center after a pursuit operation after he tried to flee the scene.

She explained, in its initial report that the shooting, which was carried out, resulted in “multiple injuries”, while the attacker was wearing a police uniform and drove a car similar to the Royal Canadian Police, although he was not a member of it.

Mass shootings are relatively rare in Canada, which has stricter gun control laws than the United States.

Before, a man in neighboring New Brunswick shot dead four people, including two police officers, in an apartment complex.


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