A shootout in Texas over a dispute over shaving a child’s hair


Pensacola, fl

No one expected that a dispute over shaving a child’s hair would lead to all these unfortunate events, according to the Associated Press.

The agency said that the police in Texas were surprised by a shooting incident in the suburb of Katy in Houston.

When trying to find out the cause of the shooting, eyewitnesses attributed it to a dispute over shaving a child’s hair.

And eyewitnesses narrated that an employee in a hair salon was shaving a child’s hair, but his father came to take it and he did not like his son’s hair, so he got into an argument with the employee.

The altercation soon developed into a shootout, as the child’s father took out his pistol and fired 3 bullets at the barber’s employee, leaving him soaked in his blood.

The Harris County office said police were continuing to search for the shooting man, who fled with his son after the employee was shot in the barber shop.

But eyewitnesses said that the shooter was in a gray four-door sedan.

The American police stated that the barber employee did not die, despite being shot at by 3 bullets, and his condition is currently stable


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