58 people killed, hundreds injured by a mentally ill in Las Vegas


Pensacola, fl

 58people died and hundreds were injured when a 64-year-old man, armed with at least 10 rifles, shot a crowd of a Las Vegas country concert from a hotel’s 32nd floor window for several minutes before he committed suicide.

This number makes the attack the bloodiest mass shooting in the history of the United States, surpassing the toll at a nightclub in Orlando last year in which 49 people were killed.

There was a crowd of about 22,000 people when the gunman opened fire and thousands fled from the site in panic, sometimes killing each other while fleeing as police rushed to locate the gunman. Members of the shocked party crowd, some of them covered in blood, roamed the streets in amazement after the attack. More than 500 people were injured.

Officials cautioned that the death toll was preliminary and could rise.

Police stated that the gunman was a resident of the area, named Stephen Paddock, 64, but said that they had no information yet about his motives.

The Clark County Sheriff told reporters that Paddock shot himself before the police entered the hotel room from which he was shooting, adding that he did not believe he was associated with any militant group.

He said we have no idea of ​​his beliefs.

And found more than ten rifles in the room in which Paddock committed suicide, inside the hotel where he had been staying since Thursday.

He added that a policeman outside his shift was among the dead, while two others were injured while on duty.

A video of the attack showed terrified crowds fleeing as gunfire continued throughout the area.

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos, a shopping center and nightlife, which means that the area was crowded at the time of the shooting, which happened shortly after 10 pm, and Las Vegas attracts about 3.5 million visitors from around the world annually.

Mike McGarry, a 53-year-old financial advisor from Philadelphia, said he was at our party when he heard hundreds of gunshots.

It was crazy. I lay down on my children. They are in their twenties. I am 53 and have lived a good life,” he said.

Witnesses said that many casinos in the area closed their doors during the incident to prevent any potential attackers from entering.

The shooting took place on the last night of the three-day “Route 91 Harvest” country music festival, which is attended by thousands and was revived by major artists including American country singer Jason Alden, Eric Church and Sam Hunt.


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