5 killed in a shooting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Pensacola, fl

5 people were killed in a brewery shooting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, including the shooter.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the accident occurred at a Molson Coors brewery.

The Milwaukee Police Department said on Twitter that the police were investigating a “dangerous incident” and urged people to “stay out of the area” near the city center. No other official information was available.

We have no information at this time,” said a security official at Molson Coors.

Police said that 5 people were killed, while others were injured in a shooting at the headquarters of Molson Coors, Wisconsin.

A sinister killer opened fire at a Molson Coors Brewery facility … that’s a terrible thing,” he added.

Milwaukee city police chief confirmed that a gunman opened fire at a compound belonging to Molson Coors Brewing Company in the city, killing five employees before he was found killed by four bullets, apparently with which he wounded himself.

He pointed out that the accident did not result in casualties, and that it began at about two in the afternoon local time in the huge complex of the brewery, which includes more than 20 buildings and employs more than a thousand people in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

There is no threat at the moment, and we will continue investigations into the night,” Morales told a news conference hours after the shooting.

The reports described the gunman who shot as a 51-year-old man from Milwaukee. The authorities did not provide details of the circumstances of the incident, including its possible motives.


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