5 killed in a shooting at the office of a local Maryland newspaper


Pensacola, fl

Authorities said that at least five people were killed and several others wounded when a gunman shot through a glass door at a local newspaper in Annapolis, the capital of Maryland, and sprayed the newsroom with bullets.

Political leaders in the region said that the authorities had arrested the suspect and that the motive behind the attack, which occurred at the office of the Capital Gazette, was not known yet. “The shooter is in custody and is currently being questioned,” County Chief Ann Arundel told a news conference

The governor of Maryland added at the press conference that it was a tragic situation. We do not have all the information yet, and we cannot provide all the information except that we have several dead, and the Capital Gazette newspaper published on Twitter a photo for its cover that includes the five journalists killed in the attack.

The Capital Gazette revealed that the attacker was identified as Jarrod Ramos, 38. The newspaper stated in a tweet on Twitter that Ramos had previously filed a defamation lawsuit against the newspaper and one of its writers, and the newspaper published a link to a story in the Baltimore Sun newspaper, which owns the Capital Gazette, indicating that the lawsuit was related to a story.

News covered the criminal harassment case against Ramos

A law enforcement official said the Annapolis shooting was treated as a domestic incident not related to terrorism and added that the FBI is at the scene to provide assistance to local authorities.

Phil Davis, who identified himself as the Courts and Crime correspondent for the Capital Gazette, said on Twitter that several people were wounded in the shooting. He confirmed that one gunman “shot several people in my office, some of whom were killed.

There is nothing more frightening than hearing people being shot at the bottom of your desk and then hearing the sound of the attacker reloading his weapon,” he added.


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