3 shot dead at Midville drug house


Pensacola, Fl

One suspect escaped after three people were killed and another wounded in a known drug house in the suburb of Salt Lake City, causing the temporary closure of several schools in the area.

Police left three bodies inside the house when they searched Midville for ex-accused David Frisx, 25, who had left his car at a nearby 6 hotel.

“He’s a suspect on the loose, and we want to arrest him,” said First Lieutenant Justin Howell at the Unified Police Department.

Court records show that Frises has a long criminal record, and he was released in November after being found guilty of theft. Hual said his role or motive is unknown, and meanwhile, investigators interviewed two adults and a child who was unharmed at home during the shooting.

The shooting was reported at around 8 a.m. in a house supporting the sound barrier of Interstate 15, about ten miles south of Salt Lake City.

Hual said a search warrant had been issued at the home in recent weeks for drug activity. He said, “It was a well-known drug house.”

Many elementary schools were closed to keep children safe as dozens of officers began searching for Fresques, who the police believe left the house after the shooting. School closures were later lifted, but police kept schools under guard for much of the day.

Initially, the police described Frisk as a “significant person” in the case. But by late Tuesday, Hual left no doubt that he was considered a suspect, with a second man who has yet to be identified.

Investigators and medical examiners were preparing to enter the house late to recover bodies and evidence.

The fourth victim, a woman, was hospitalized in critical condition. Later, Hual said her condition improved to severe.

Neighbors said they believed the house was left empty after police carried out a drug raid weeks earlier.

“We heard a big explosion at four in the morning,” said Jay Foot, 50, who lives nearby. They blew up door hinges with grenades. The police were asking us to go home. “

He and other residents were shocked to learn that a triple murder occurred in their elegant neighborhood of tiny homes.

“It’s crazy,” Foote said. “It blows my mind. Scary. I walk my dogs down this street all the time.”

Court records show that the homeowner was trying to evict the tenants for not paying the rent, but the landlord’s daughter told The Associated Press that the shooting had nothing to do with the dispute in court.

Jose Velazquez lifted the eviction proceedings against Jose Fernando Garcia and Esther Arredondo, who returned a week later, claiming that Velazquez had failed the couple’s estimate for repairs to the $ 116,000 home.

It appears that many other people stay in or visit the house frequently, Stephanie Velasquez, the owner’s daughter, said. She did not know if the tenants were the victims of the shooting.


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