Kidnapping and murder of 4 children in Orlando


Pensacola, fl

Police officers in Orlando, Florida, have found four dead children, along with their kidnapper.

Police said the kidnapper, Harry Wayne Lindsay, committed suicide by shooting himself after he carried out his heinous crime.

It stated that the criminal had been convicted of a number of crimes, including arson and the use of violence. He was under police surveillance for a while, and the police have not yet revealed the names of the four dead children.

Previous news stated that the children ranged between one and eleven years old.

The police got a call from a woman who stated that her boyfriend had badly beat her.

A police patrol tried to arrest Lindsay, after she arrived at the scene, but he opened fire and seriously injured one of the policemen, after which Lindsay barricaded in an apartment with four children and threatened to kill them, and it did so.


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