11-year-old died in Renton, his older brother stabbed into custody


Pensacola, Fl

An 11-year-old man died after being attacked and stabbed by his older brother in Renton.

Renton Police responded to the noon stabbing incident in a new housing development area near Monroe Street. NE and NE 8th Place. When the officers arrived, they found the boy lying on the sidewalk.

The suspect arrested the boy’s 22-year-old brother. The victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center with severe injuries but died.

Police say the incident started in a nearby house where the older brother threatened the boy, then chased him down the street and attacked him. Officials say the suspect is in custody and will be held at the King County Jail for investigation of the murders.

The identity of the two men is unknown. Investigators are at the scene and are investigating the accident.

Several streets in the area were closed for several hours during the investigation, but have since reopened to traffic.


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