U.S records 2000 corona deaths in one day


Pensacola, fl

The daily deaths due to Corona in the United States exceeded two thousand cases for the first time since last May, while hospitals across the country are crowded with people infected with the virus, which threatens an expected increase in deaths.

Yesterday, the death toll was 2,157, a rate of death every 40 seconds, while daily injuries reached 170,000

Experts said the numbers could increase as millions of Americans defy warnings and travel for the Thanksgiving holiday

Yesterday, the number of people hospitalized for treatment for Covid-19 exceeded 87,000, the highest rate ever

It is expected that the US Food and Drug Administration will issue its decision on the urgent use of the vaccine produced by Pfizer to prevent Covid-19 on the tenth of December.

US President-elect Joe Biden has pledged that fighting the pandemic will be his top priority when he takes office on January 20.


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