She kills her husband, then stabs her vagina in self-defense


Pensacola, Fl

Prosecutors said a woman from Alabama was accused of killing her husband in 2019 by stabbing her in the vagina after the murder so that she could claim self-defense.

Police said in a press release that Linda Doyle, 66, was arrested after a Baldwin County grand jury returned an indictment against her after a year-long “thorough investigation” of the case.

But the woman claims that she shot her husband because he attacked her during an altercation “over sexual demands.”

She was attacked, stabbed several times in the vagina with a butcher’s knife, and was able to get out of bed, retrieve a pistol that was at home in self-defense, and then managed to shoot and kill the assailant who was her husband. Defense attorney John Foreman reportedly said.

Linda Doyle was accused of killing her husband a year ago by stabbing her in her vagina after the murder so that she could falsely claim self-defense.

Prosecutors disagree, claiming that Doyle stabbed herself in a wild attempt to avoid prosecution.

Patrick Dougett, the assistant attorney who handles the case, said:


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