One child is killed and 5 other children injured after a 4×4 vehicle hits them with an SUV in Texas


Pensacola, Fl

Authorities said one child was killed and five other children were injured after being hit by an SUV in Kaufman County, Texas.

The accident occurred shortly after 12:30 p.m., on FM2727, near District Road 167.

According to a DPS spokesperson, the SUV was heading south on the FM2727 as it was a vehicle carrying six people on board at County Road 167.

Investigators found that the small car tried to cross the FM2727, and was hit by the SUV.

According to the College Mound Fire administration, all six of the go-kart people were children, ages 7 to 12.

Announce the death of one go-kart child. Three other children were airlifted from the scene, while the other two were transported in an ambulance to a hospital in the area.

The car driver was not injured.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing.


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