Oklahoma woman raped another woman with a gun and then tortured her with pits and acid.


Pensacola, Fl

Police said a woman raped another woman with a gun after she allowed a group of her followers to rape the victim over a $ 180 debt. Laura Ann Palmer, 35, reportedly attacked the woman after the victim visited Palmer in her apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and also used a drill, knife and acid in the horrific attack. Palmer – also known as “Seven” – was accused of first-degree rape with devices

 After the woman’s arrival, Palmer reportedly withheld the victim more than $ 180 that the woman claimed had stolen.

Then she was said to have allowed two friends, named only Derek and Boston, to strip, search and rape her even when the victim begged them to stop.

Then Palmer was said to have taken the woman to the bathroom alone, where she reportedly searched naked before she sexually assaulted her with a rifle and threatened her with death. Tulsa World reported that Palmer was also said to have decapitated the woman, then poured acid into the wound.

She is also accused of pressing an electric drill into the arm of her alleged victim. The woman’s ordeal is said to have ended after she ran away from the apartment and ran on foot while calling for help. During a subsequent search, Detective Tulsa Police Department reportedly found the rifle and drill used in the attack. “We don’t always see female-to-female violence to this degree,” said Police Sgt. Gillian Vine. Palmer is currently on the run from the police, who hopes that the distinctive spider tattoo she carries on her neck will make her easy to catch. to her. Upon arrest, she will be held in lieu of a $ 500,000 bail. Palmer, a convicted criminal, will face multiple firearms charges over allegations that she used a pistol despite previous convictions barring her from doing so. Police are also continuing to pursue the two men who are said to have helped her attack her victim.


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