man raped his fiance’s dog to death in Portland


Fidel Lopez’s partner found her Lhasa Apso mix of whining and bleeding at their home in Portland, Oregon.

A mutilated sex addict prison who raped his fiancée’s dog to death for only 60 days.

Fidel Lopez, 52, admitted that he abused the dog in order to sexually arouse himself at home alone.

But the court heard that his partner came home to find Estrella, her Lhasa Apso mix, bleeding, and the dog later died of the wounds.

However, most Oregon sentencing guidelines allow first-degree animal abuse and animal sexual assault that is only 60 days – about two months – in prison, and three years of probation.

“If it could have been more, I would have given you more time,” said Judge Angel Lopez, who handled him in a Multnomah County Court unrelated to the name.

On Monday, the court heard that Lopez’s partner fell sick to find her dog moaning and hurt in November of last year at their home in Portland, Oregon.

The owner of Estrella requested a rape kit because Lopez showed interest in animals by exposing his dog’s genitals.

He even bragged about seeing another person sexually assaulting a dog and asked if his fiancée would consider getting a bigger dog than a Lhasa Apso mix.

Investigators told the judge that DNA evidence linked Lopez to the crime.

Lopez, who worked at a pies restaurant, was drunk at the time of the crime.

Joe Calhoun, a defender, said his client was frustrated that for two and a half years his fiancée had not come home the night before or answered his calls.

“He told me that he takes responsibility for a mistake he made and accepts that responsibility,” said Mr. Calhoun.

The dog owner did not attend the session.

Lopez must pay her $ 500

“The torture and abuse that Estrella has suffered is unimaginable,” Deputy Prosecutor Nikole Gerjovic said in a press release. Jergovic specializes in litigating animal abuse cases for Multnomah County Prosecutor’s Office.

“Under current Oregon sentencing guidelines, Fidel Lopez receives the maximum sentence based on how long he’s already in custody and his lack of criminal history,” said Gerjovic.


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