Arizona woman kills her son for wanting to send her to the nursing home and dies of a heart attack


Pensacola, fl

A 93-year-old woman shot her son with one of the two guns she was hiding under her bed due to her doubts about her son and his girlfriend’s plans to get rid of her by sending her to a nursing home in Arizona.

The elderly woman hid the two pistols in her clothes and entered the son’s bedroom and killed him with two bullets. Then the son’s friend managed to catch her before she was able to extract the second pistol, and the police were informed

Anne May Blessing was arrested and taken to Maricopa County Jail for the murder of her 72-year-old son, Thomas Blessing, in the house she lives with.

The woman suffered a heart attack and was subsequently transferred to the hospital and remained there until she died, and the District Prosecutor’s Office issued a request to drop the charges on her for her death.


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