A man finds $ 10,000 inside a home he bought in Chicago and returns it to her landlord


Pensacola, fl

Jim Dow bought a house in Chicago, Illinois, and found in his living room a large amount of cash belonging to the former owner of the house.

This man has worked during the last five years in the field of buying and reselling properties that need maintenance and restoration.

When he began to renovate the house he bought from Gloria Carter, he found five envelopes with money in one of the rooms. And it contained a total of 10 thousand dollars.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Dow said. “I’m really shocked.” He stated that the money was hidden in various places, including behind a sofa, and behind a framed picture on the wall.

“I thought it was totally unreasonable,” he added.

He indicated that he called the former owner of the house Mrs. Carter, who had lived in this house for 50 years, and he returned the money to her. “I think there are a lot of honest people in the world, and I’m not the only one who would have acted like this,” he said

The Carter family offered Dow to accept a financial reward for his good deed, but he refused.


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