A man caught raping a pregnant goat after he stole an animal from his barn and spent the night with it


Pensacola, Fl

A construction worker behind bars accused of raping his pregnant neighbor’s goat in his bed.

Vesilani Makob, 33, is said to have spent the night with the animal after snatching it from her pen.

Her terrified owner Knowing Kumalo confessed that he was broken to see her in such a dreadful state after her sordid ordeal.

He said, “I felt I had to do something to protect her.”

He said he heard the nanny make “strange noises” at around 8 p.m. in Winterfeldt, South Africa.

He said, “I didn’t take it seriously.” “I thought he might have been close to giving birth since she was pregnant.”

But the goats were missing the next morning when he went to inspect them.

“I wandered around the community looking for any success,” he said.

“Later, when I got back home, I found the goats had come back. However, it looked fine.”

Mr. Kumalo said that while he was examining the animal, a man approached him and asked if he was the owner.

“He told me then that he was in Maccobee’s hut that morning and found goats in his bed,” said Mr. Kumalo.

Locals pounce on the neighbor and confront him about the disgusting sexual attack.

Police Capt. Samuel Cibola said McCobee was later arrested while being held on charges of bestial relations.

Goats receive medical treatment from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Inspector Mishak Matlou admitted it was the “highest form of animal cruelty” that he tested.

“As a SPCA, we want to call on the judiciary to crack down on animal cruelty cases,” he said.


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