A dog dies tragically after being “gang-raped” and “stabbed 30 times” in a terror attack


Pensacola, Fl

A dog with horrific injuries died after a “gang rape” and was stabbed 30 times.

The stricken dog was found on the streets of Bogota, Colombia

She was rescued and taken to the veterinarians to receive urgent treatment reports.

Reports also stated that the dog had recently cast a pack of puppies when the accident occurred.

The dog appeared very wounded and weak, said Marta Poitrague, the resident who was found.

Another woman, Liliana Guerrero, shared photos and videos on Facebook that she said the dog was “stabbed several times and sexually assaulted by several people”.

“Because she did not allow this, they stabbed her,” Liliana added, before adding that the dog died of her wounds.

“They destroyed her genitals, stabbed her 30 times, and punched her, and caused other superficial injuries,” Liliana continued.

“The dog could not stand the pain.”

She added that she felt unable to express “the extreme sadness and helplessness that I feel” after the tragic death of the animal.

The unnamed dog isn’t the first to die in the country as a result of a brute attack.

The pup, called Aquilis, died in Quincy municipality, but it is unclear if authorities have investigated the matter.


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