Hurricane kills four Americans and cuts off electricity to 3 million people


Pensacola, fl

A devastating tropical storm cut power to millions of Americans along the eastern coast of the United States after it landed in North Carolina as a hurricane.

Two people were killed when the hurricane struck a parked caravan, and at least two others died in New York and Maryland.

The US National Hurricane Center has warned of the danger of a storm threatening the lives of residents.

The storm, with winds of 100 km / h, moved to New York State.

The storm Isaias completely cut electricity for more than 2.8 million people from North Carolina to New York. They triggered hurricanes, uprooted trees, destroyed homes and caused floods and fires

The hurricane hit islands in the Caribbean

Then experts downgraded it again to a tropical storm, but warnings that it would rise again and turn into a hurricane were still in effect along the coast.


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