20 killed and dozens wounded in a mass shooting in Texas


Pensacola, fl

Police in “El Paso”, Texas, announced that at least 20 were killed and 26 wounded in a shooting inside a mall in the southern city of the United States.

Earlier, the Texas state attorney general said that the attack killed 15, and the network reported that authorities had arrested a white man in his twenties, who was suspected of carrying out the attack.

For his part, the mayor of the city announced that the shooting killed “Shira, until the authorities arrested three suspects.”

The state governor issued a statement declaring that “all of El Paso has been afflicted today by a malevolent and absurd act of violence.”

US channels broadcast scenes of heavily armed police units deployed near the mall.

“People were terrified and running,” said one of the eyewitnesses, Qianna Long, adding that she and her husband sheltered with other shoppers in a storage room.

Another witness, Glendon Oakley, said he was in a gymnasium store inside the nearby Cielo Vista mall when a child ran inside and “told us there was someone shooting at Walmart.” He added that “no one took what the child said seriously,” but only minutes later he heard the sounds of gunshots, and then all he thought of was “keeping the children away.”


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