Shooting kills 7 in Wisconsin


Pensacola, fl

Seven people were killed, according to preliminary estimates, as a result of a shooting attack in the state of “Wisconsin”, in the north-central United States of America.

This came according to news reported by several local media outlets.

The sources indicated that the accident occurred in an omelette production company (beer) in the city of Milwaukee, in the aforementioned state, and that the perpetrator of the attack was one of the dead.

In turn, the city police announced that it had sent units to the headquarters of the “Molson Corse” company, after receiving a report stating that there was an armed gunman shooting inside the headquarters of the giant beer company.

“Please stay away from the area at this time,” the police said in a tweet on their official Twitter account, noting that they were investigating a “critical incident” in the Miller Valley area where the brewery is located.

The police did not indicate the circumstances of the attack or its motives.


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