Off-duty officer shoots and kills the suspect in burglary attempt in Miami-Dade


Pensacola, Fl

Investigators said that an off-duty Miami Metropolitan Police officer shot and killed a man who allegedly tried to storm a home in West Miami Dade while his teenage son was inside.

Miami-Dade Police and fire rescue units responded to the scene along Building 700 of Southwest Court 98 at approximately 4 pm.

“I hear“ boom, boom, boom, boom, ”his neighbor Raul Artels said.“ Someone shoots a gun, like 10 or 13 times. ”

According to the police, a person tried to storm the house while a 13-year-old boy was inside.

“The 13-year-old boy inside the house called his parents and mentioned that someone was trying to break in from the back,” said Christopher Welsh, Miami-Dade Police Detective. “His father, a Miami police officer, responded at the scene, confronted the matter, and was shot. He eventually died of his wounds.”

When she heard what happened, Christina Carmenette said she rushed to the scene to offer her cousin moral support.

“One of them was trying to break into her house,” she said. “I called her ex-husband who is a police officer, and there was some kind of altercation, and there was shooting. It was a burglary. It was an attempted robbery, and the bad guy was the injured person.”

Paramedics transported the suspected fraudster as a shock alert to Kendall Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Artels, who has lived in the neighborhood for 35 years, said he’s trying to tackle a rare day in his building.

He said, “This neighborhood is very, very peaceful, very nice.” “I didn’t hear shooting or anything like that.”

Miami City Police have confirmed that the officer involved is a veteran of their department, and at least one officer from the department has been observed responding during the investigation.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the shooting incident.


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