How did the first American woman die of Corona


Pensacola, fl

The first recorded female patient from the Coronavirus died in Santa Clara County, California, of a severe heart attack.

According to the autopsy report that was published, the woman died on February 6, and the Corona virus had infected her heart, trachea, lungs and intestines, according to what was reported by the “San Francisco Chronicles”.

County officials announced the death, making it the first known death in the country associated with the virus, and the death came three weeks before Washington state announced its first death on February 28, which was considered the first in the country.

The autopsy indicated that the woman had developed flu-like symptoms in the days before her death, and was moderately obese and had a mild enlarged heart.

 According to the report, the woman was not suffering from coronary heart disease or clotting that could cause a heart attack. The autopsy found that blood had pooled in the sac around her heart, putting pressure on the heart and causing it to rupture.

Earlier, the American “Washington Post” newspaper reported that doctors had monitored an increase in young people and those of middle-aged exposure to stroke after being infected with the Corona virus.


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