Militants shot 7 people, killing one, in Brooklyn


Pensacola, Fl

New York Police are searching for at least two gunmen who opened fire at a party in an apartment building in Brooklyn, wounding six people and killing one.

Police believe the shooting took place at a party on Albany Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant at around 11:15 pm. It was connected to the shooting during Sweet 16’s party in East New York shortly after 9 pm.

In the first shooting, a 17-year-old boy was injured in the leg. During the second shooting, she shot a 20-year-old woman and was pronounced dead at Woodhull Hospital.

In total, four males and three females were shot. All victims were between 14 and 20 years old.

The recent gun violence comes amid a 95 percent increase in citywide shootings compared to last year.


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